Top 6 Most Effective Marketing Channels For B2C Businesses

All businesses require an effective marketing plan to attract high-quality leads, which in turn generate revenue. As a result, most businesses devote a significant portion of their money to marketing. However, business marketing is a complex process that must be carried out in a specific manner in order to achieve its goal. As a result, selecting the appropriate channel is critical to the overall effectiveness of your marketing strategy. The six most efficient marketing channels for B2C organizations are listed below.

From the point of view of Time for Social, these channels are the best marketing for 2022

google ads 

This is an online marketing strategy in which you carefully put your advertising and are charged a fee each time someone clicks on them. Google ads are particularly effective since they target people who have expressly looked for a similar business or a phrase connected to your offering. This strategy also allows you to retarget clients who have previously visited your website but did not make a purchase.

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Because people can form an impression about your company purely based on your website, having a decent website impacts your clients’ perception of your brand. Your website also gives you a terrific opportunity to supply your customers with original content that explains your product or service. Publishing helpful content on your website can help it rank higher in search engines, increasing the likelihood of it showing at the top of the search results. Furthermore, excellent content motivates your readers to buy by demonstrating that you are an expert in your subject.

b2c marketing channels


With over 2.2 billion monthly users, Facebook is one of the most popular social media networks available. That is why businesses believe Facebook to be a goldmine for reaching new customers.

 Furthermore, Facebook enables businesses to interact with their customers in a variety of ways by encouraging them to comment, share, like, and follow their page. 

This implies you won’t have to pay to advertise your business because you’ll be able to reach your clients organically.

 In addition, Facebook’s social ads have advanced targeting. Advertisers might, for example, target clients based on demographics, hobbies, and behavior. 

This allows you to focus on the people who are most likely to be interested in your product. To produce as many leads as possible,

 It’s recommended that you employ both organic reach and Facebook ads.

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Instagram is a photo and video-sharing app that relies heavily on visual content to keep users engaged. Instagram has about 800 million active users, with Generation Z and younger Millennials making up the majority.

To captivate their audience and urge visitors to check out their page, brands compete to display nice and pretty photos. Because fashion and beauty firms rely on aesthetic appeal, Instagram is particularly popular among them. Other firms from various industries, on the other hand, are beginning to utilize Instagram to sell themselves since, according to recent studies, individuals who use Instagram the most are primarily using it to determine whether or not to purchase a product.

According to research, 13 percent of Instagram users are on the platform to buy something, making them 70% more likely to buy than non-Instagram users.

Another big advantage of this platform is that it uses the same intelligent ad placement as Facebook. You may target people based on their gender, age, social status, and hobbies, as well as their online behavior, with Instagram advertisements.


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Twitter is a microblogging platform that engages users through short, concise tweets and hashtags. It enables brands to respond to customers quickly and effectively, resulting in increased brand loyalty. Furthermore, it’s an excellent tool for providing customer service solutions such as troubleshooting and fund clearing, among other things.

Many businesses have begun to use Twitter to publicize their events in recent years.

You may utilize your company’s Twitter account to promote the event in advance, live tweet and communicate with your consumers during the event, and follow up with them afterward to obtain feedback.

Creating a hashtag and getting it popular on Twitter can help boost brand recognition and sales.


Outdoor advertising

Another excellent offline marketing tool is street billboards. They provide a whole new area for imaginative advertisements to be displayed. Outdoor advertising, unlike the internet or television, cannot be turned off or ignored; people will most likely see it. Furthermore, outdoor advertisements may be used to supplement a marketing campaign that you are doing through several web channels.

Billboards are also useful because individuals spend the majority of their time outside. It doesn’t matter if they’re traveling to and from work or running errands; they’ll see your ad as long as they’re on the road.


As you can see, there are a variety of excellent avenues for promoting your goods, generating leads, and closing sales. A solid marketing strategy that incorporates one or more of the aforementioned channels will provide you with a high return on investment (ROI), which is the primary goal of any marketing campaign.

time for social can provide the best marketing strategy for your business model because of our experience in many business fields just call us now and get a special consult for your business to increase your audience and get more leads



Reasons for closing

Reasons for closing advertising accounts on Facebook

If you are a project owner and own a business of your own, then surely you have previously advertised your project or services through the Facebook platform, but has your advertising account been suspended before?
Have you ever wondered why your ad account may be suspended and what are Facebook’s advertising policies?
You can cause your online ad to be accidentally suspended if you violate one of Facebook’s explicit policies.

Reasons for closing an advertising account on Facebook
Facebook has clear policies regarding ad campaigns and if you violate them or your ad does not comply with these policies, the ad campaign will stop, but the possibility of recovering your ad account remains. Among the reasons for closing the ad account on Facebook:

● Circumvention of systems that review ads
By using means to hide the ad content or missing pages, such as using letters or symbols in the ad text in order for the ad content to appear ambiguous.

● Use of emotional content
Such as shocking, inflammatory, or excessively violent content such as:
An advertisement depicting amputation or extirpation of pimples.
An advertisement depicting shocking details of a medical procedure or horrific accident.
An advertisement that promotes violence or contempt or contains inferior expressions.


● Use of controversial content
Which includes the exploitation of political or social issues and crises for commercial purposes.

● Unrestricted access to your ad account
If Facebook notices that a person who was previously blocked is linked to your page or ad account, it will block the ad account, so it is necessary to verify access to your ad account. The reputation of your account is linked to the people who can reach you.

● Negative comments from users
If there are frequent negative user comments, it may result in your ad account being closed even if your ads are not in violation of Facebook’s policies.

● Leave disapproved ads on your account
When an ad is disapproved, it is necessary to delete it directly from your account because leaving disapproved ads may cause Facebook to scrutinize your ads further.

● Advertisement promoting unsafe materials
Such as advertising the sale or use of unsafe drugs or substances and products at the discretion of Facebook.

● Use of personal health content
Do not display content that Steroids Cycle Before and After Results: Best Legal Steroids Stacks for Bulking and Cutting – California News Times buy real hgh israel in talks with pharma companies about covid booster jab, pm says contains images of unexpected or unlikely outcomes, and do not display or attempt to create negative perceptions of yourself in advertising in order to promote diet or weight loss.

How to maintain your advertising account on Facebook?
By avoiding the reasons mentioned before, you can hire a person who specializes in advertising campaigns to ensure that your ad account is protected and not lost and that it achieves its purpose.

Mobile App

Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in 2020

Top 5 Mobile App Development Companies in 2020

Versatile applications convey monstrous chances. While making arrangements for portable applications, you have to make note of all the potential things identified with them – the complete expense for advancement, the market for it, and the specialists in the field of versatile Mobile App Development.

Searching for Developing Mobile applications? Here is the rundown of top Android and ios versatile Mobile App advancement organizations in 2020. From the startup to huge endeavor, these Mobile App advancement organizations will transform your versatile Mobile App thought into an increasingly effective business.

and now we will know more about 5 Mobile App Development Companies in 2020


A main versatile Mobile App Development organization having around 7+ long periods of involvement with the field of Mobile App advancement. Smarter encourages businesses to arrive at new statures through versatile applications. They move the customer’s thoughts into the real world. The organization has conveyed around 200+ portable applications across different divisions and areas. The top administrations that are given by Smarter are Mobile App plan and advancement, Web structure and Development, Digital Marketing. advancement organizations will transform your versatile Mobile App thought into an increasingly effective business.


Established in 2009, Apadmi is full assistance versatile Mobile App Development organization situated in Manchester. The organization represents considerable authority in UI/UX structure, advancement, testing, dispatch benefits and give progressing upkeep to a scope of prominent clients. Apadmi works over various stages from iOS to Windows, Android, and Blackberry. A portion of the organization’s ongoing clients incorporates The Guardian, Aviva, BBC, and the NHS. Late undertakings incorporate the Mobile App and huge scope, transformational venture for the NHS. Apadmi is going up by Howard Simms and Nick Black.


It is one of the main 10 Mobile App Development Companies that is established in 2016. Inside this limited ability to focus time, the group of trend-setters acquired enormous development with high involvement with versatile Mobile App advancement. Giving start to finish versatile-based counseling in Mobile App plan and advancement.

The innovations they were best are Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Augmented reality, Virtual reality, and significantly more. BrainMobi’s administrations upgrade all phases of the SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) process and convey you quicker and compelling undertakings. Their top customers cleared the path for them to list in the top Mobile App Development  organizations

4-Red C

Situated in the very heart of ‘Tech City’ in popular Shoreditch, London, Red C is an honor-winning Mobile App Development organization. Red C structure and create versatile applications for organizations through a consultative approach and give fair key guidance that empowers their clients to develop. The organization represents considerable authority in iOS/Android Mobile App advancement, content administration frameworks, web administration associations, and backend database coordination.

5-Dom and Tom

A Product advancement organization building up the best digital Products concentrating on the most recent advances with Android Mobile App Development, iOS, and web. Their created versatile applications are with top-notch highlights including drawing in structures, high client experience. Dom and Tom are masters in cross-stage Development in both Mobile and site. Conveyed around 120 + local applications and 400+ Hybrid portable applications.

What is Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing or online marketing refers to work that a business does over the Internet or an electronic device such as a mobile phone. Any business (no matter how large) can use digital marketing to reach its target market, connect with potential customers, and convert them into customers. Everything from search engine marketing to Facebook marketing is called digital marketing.

Why you should use digital marketing?

The reason digital marketing is critical to businesses these days is that the Internet is becoming one of the most used tools. More and more people are surfing the Internet to carry out daily activities, including the purchase of goods and services.

Online marketing has grown rapidly over the past decade. When it comes to comparing digital marketing and traditional marketing, it becomes clear that digital marketing offers a non-doubtful advantage.

Successful marketing requires the business to work with potential customers and actual customers in the best possible way, delivering a real return on investment. Since the vast majority of people spend their time online, businesses need to use it as well.

Clients search for you or you search for them, which is more efficient?

As technology advances and new digital ideas are brought to life, so does the world of digital marketing. One of the reasons it continues to deliver results is because it is a form of inbound marketing. This means that you are not looking for people, but they are finding you. Whether it’s advertising on Google or creating marketing content for a blog, it’s a story about reaching target audiences and spreading information.

The idea is to become visible. Because the more people get to know about your website, your brand, and the products you sell, the more people get to know about your agenda. Which ultimately leads to a close relationship that develops on the basis of trust.

The Internet provides businesses with an excellent opportunity to gain credibility in their niche and expand their own online presence.

Why Digital is Preferred?

For some brands, especially well-known brands with huge offline audiences, traditional marketing cannot be ignored. But for many small businesses trying to succeed on a tight budget, digital marketing is a lifesaver.

  1. A Higher Level of Customer Engagement

Traditional marketing does not allow direct interaction with customers, whereas digital marketing offers higher levels of engagement and interaction. Whether it’s through social media comments or email newsletters, you can instantly connect with your target audience through a variety of digital marketing channels.

Your brand can also easily build better, more lasting customer relationships by engaging with them through videos, surveys, or webinars. A business works more efficiently if it works in accordance with the requirements of the customers. And digital marketing allows you to do this because you can interact with customers and solve their problems right away and without wasting time.

     2. Easy to Measure Results

When you distribute brochures, distribute flyers, or advertise in magazines, you don’t know how successful that marketing will be. You may be heading in the wrong direction, but you can’t be sure.

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing allows you to measure results. It allows you to be intelligent and not blindly play marketing games.

You have access to an array of leads and actual customers to help you understand where you are going. How many people visit/leave your site and what percentage of them convert to customers? Imagine the level of refinement/testing possible with digital marketing that is literally lacking in traditional marketing.

3. Large Audience Range

Traditional marketing is limited in many ways, but one of its biggest limitations is the inability to reach beyond regional or local audiences. If a business is not geographically limited, why limit the reach of its advertising?

Using digital marketing, you can create a personalized campaign and expand your reach beyond cities or countries. Say goodbye to traditional marketing and welcome digital, which allows you to change your campaign based on how far you want to go.

4. Cheaper and more Efficient

When it comes to marketing investments, your bottom line is the deciding factor as it determines the success of your entire business – plus or minus. Unsurprisingly, digital marketing provides a better return on investment (ROI) because it is cheaper than traditional marketing and advertising is promoted in multiple ways.

What would you be more willing to pay for – performance-based advertising or expensive newspaper advertising for a limited audience? Digital marketing allows you to spend less and get more. For many companies, this is as clear as daylight.

How to start promoting your business online?

  1. Start researching for your business competitors and find out how many of them are using online marketing and your chance to compete in the digital world. (You can also hire a specialist or a digital marketing expert to do some quality researches for you to guarantee the efficiency of statistics and the market segmentation).
  2. Make sure to be present in all probable channels where your customers might be using, here in (Time for Social), we can review all the available channels and platforms that your business use in order to guarantee the delivery for every customer interested in your product or service. Digital channels include any social media platform used by your audience.
  3. Start publishing a website that matches your kind of business from the various types of websites.
  4. Inspect the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure your progress towards your previously set goals.
Healthcare Marketing in 2021

The Importance of Online Healthcare Marketing in 2021

The Importance of Online Healthcare Marketing in 2021

In recent years, we have been witnessing the undeniable process of the digital transformation of communication.

The constant rise in the number of people who access the Internet every day has changed how

individuals tend to talk to each other and, above all, how the company and customer interact.

The medical and healthcare sector has not been exempt from this communicative transformation

and over time, there has been a transition from traditional to online marketing methods. Today,

all public health facilities have a website and most of them manage a social profile. In particular,

however, specialized clinics, private hospitals, and private structures accredited

to the National Health Service benefited from the benefits of going online.

In the private sector, in fact, many structures have been Judge conditionally approves Purdue Pharma opioid settlement, shielding Sackler family from future lawsuits anavar to buy best anabolic steroid cycle for bulking, bulking percentages — hib_lab able to increase the number of patients assisted thanks to a targeted strategy of attracting visitors to

the site, subsequently transforming them into customers. In an often delicate sector such as the

clinical one, what makes the difference – in addition to the quality of the work and the subsequent word

of mouth – are how the company can promote itself externally by capturing the attention of those who,

through a conscious, seeking a solution to their problem, often in a short time and without waiting for the times of public health.

Why is it worth investing in online marketing for healthcare services?

Today, users tend to surf the Internet searching for medical-health information and, consequently,

the pages dealing with these topics have multiplied. Often several hundred sites compete for the best

positioning on search engines: it is a real visibility competition in which those who have been able to structure a winning strategy control.

What matters, in fact, is to offer the right content to the right person, getting in touch with potential

customers who use the network to seek satisfaction of their needs and gradually guiding them towards

their structure. It is important to transform the simple initial question into an awareness of being able

to find the sought-after medical advice both by placing oneself as an authoritative and expert company

in the sector. Being in the first position on Google may not be enough to increase customers, as the

ability to create a buyer’s journey that acts as a real guide for the user along their search path.

Is Online Marketing only suitable for large healthcare facilities?

No, there are many good examples of small businesses that have been able to increase their number of patients thanks to Online Marketing.

In the customer conversion process, it is advisable to make use of technological tools specifically

designed to speed up the process, such as a call to action, landing page, chatbot, and

a form. Let’s see, in the different phases, what are the different steps that the structure can overcome.

Benefits of Online Marketing Campaigns for Healthcare Mansions, Clinics, and Doctors:

The primary objective of any Online Marketing campaign is to increase visitors to the site,

attracting private individuals in the various research stages, and offering content that responds to potentially

feasible requests. On average, the campaign has a duration of 12 months, that is the time necessary for the contents to reach their stable organic positioning (i.e. free, without the push of advertisements) on Google.

An effective strategy predicts, before leaving, the identification of a buyer persona,

the ideal type of customer who needs the healthcare facility

(possibly, one of the tops or excellent services of the same), and his purchasing process

(the already cited buyer’s journey, or customer journey), structured on different phases: attraction, conversion, closure, and loyalty.

4 Stages Kyrsten Sinema Is Doing Big Pharma’s Bidding buy illegal steroids how to buy anabolic steroids in usa, buy clobetasol propionate ointment usp 0.05 – go gay hawaiigo gay hawaii of customer behavior:


The brand awareness process is the essential step that participates in transforming a stranger to

become a visitor by attracting him to be interested in your service or product.

The first phase of Online Marketing consists of attracting new visitors to the site thanks to

quality content. Giving an example of a healthcare center.

The user’s action, as we said, starts from a conscious question. Let’s say that he suffers from

a strange and repetitive insensibility in his arm and for this, he searches the Web looking for

the reasons for his discomfort. Once the problem has been defined, the user will try to

understand how to be treated and, subsequently, which health facility to rely on to solve the problem.

Well: your health facility meets the requirements inquired by the user. But will you have been able to be among the first results on the search engine?

If you have effectively exploited the good practices of the Inbound method, it is likely that the user has landed on your site. The path, however, does not always lead to an immediate final decision: for this reason, the path does not end here …


In the second phase, that of conversion, visitors to the site are transformed into contacts.

Let’s go back to the previous example. The user, suffering from the strange numbness of the arm,

recognizes a specific syndrome as the probable cause of his problems. Before contacting a doctor,

in all likelihood he will look for confirmation of the signals corresponding to the supposed diagnostics

and will inquire about the possible treatments. It is at this point that the Online methodology

occurs: it will be possible, for example, to offer downloadable content that offers all the information available, perhaps accompanied by some interesting case history, in exchange for the email address to send the mentioned above content, or offer the possibility to book a visit or a consultation directly from the website.

To this end, it will be important to insert within the contents of the blog accessed by the user to inquire about the calls to action which, through a powerful phrase, lead the same to a specific page ( landing page ) on which it will be possible to fill in a contact form on which to enter the most relevant information in order to give the contact a minimum categorization. In this regard, in the conversion process, it may also be useful to use a live chat that responds, in a fully automated manner, to the most frequent requests of users.


In the third phase, the closing stage, the visitor (who later became contact) is effectively transformed into a customer.

Our visitor decided to download informative content on the remedies that can be adopted to solve the problems related to the syndrome he suffers from. From the point of view of the healthcare company, it will be very important to thank the user, by sending a second email, for having downloaded the content and thus start a strategy of new content that will accompany the user towards the next phase of the buyer’s journey. The contact generated will then be guided to choose the company’s service in line with its needs.

To this end, it will be possible to exploit the marketing automation mechanisms to create an automated mail flow that allows you to program customized content based on the behaviors and interests expressed by the contacts, thus leading them to the final purchase of the service.


In the fourth and last phase, that of loyalty, it will be appropriate to involve customers with valuable content even after the sale. This mechanism has the function of both generating word of mouth – often essential in the medical-health sector – and encouraging customers to continue to use your services in case of problems.

For this reason, it will be essential to use the email channel also in the post-sales phase, for example:

  1. Send personalized content to strengthen the relationship of trust;
  2. Evaluate customer satisfaction through questionnaires;
  3. Make other services known;
  4. Inform about public events;
  5. Communicating values ​​and telling the story of the company.

Social media monitoring will also be essential to listen to opinions about the company circulating on the Web and evaluate what people say, to assist customers in real-time and solve problems and difficulties that may be encountered following the booking activity or after the visit itself.

Inbound Marketing involves a long and meticulous process to achieve and the desired results. Private clinics and hospitals can act independently or rely on the qualified support of a communication agency specialized in Healthcare Marketing: tell us about your project and the results you want!

How long does it take to get results thanks to Online Marketing?

An Inbound Marketing strategy can lead to the first and real results hoped for in a variable timing between 3 and 9 months. The variability is given by the accuracy of the campaign.

The process of being listed among the top results varies according to the product and the online competition for this product, here comes the geographical and demographical effectiveness, which gives us a series of important questions like who is interested in what and where?

But without a doubt, if you invest your time in some quality researches regarding what to start with before you put the nail on the wood will sure get you to the targeted aim faster than you’ve ever thought.

What can we do for healthcare facilities?

We are one of the few Egyptian agencies specializing in healthcare marketing and we deal with:

  1. Manage Communications
  2. We set up a centralized system to manage all communication channels from your facility, allowing you to optimize flows. Result? You will never lose contact again!
  3. Online Marketing
  4. We study together with the right Online Marketing strategy, to allow you to increase the number of visitors to your website, convert them into new customers and retain your contacts.
Content Strategy

Content Strategy of Internet Marketing in the Context of Globalization

The basis of any media is content, since it is behind it, or rather its totality, within the framework of one media that consumers pay their attention to media resources. Content is absolutely any informational content of an information resource.

With the increasing interactivity of interaction between companies and consumers in the process of marketing communications, the receptivity of buyers to traditional forms of advertising decreases. Content marketing is a modern alternative to traditional promotion methods. Content strategy is an integral element of the company’s communication strategy, this applies not only to social networks but also to promotion in traditional media. If the company uses the principles of content marketing, it is impossible to carry out communication activities without an effective content strategy.

Modern information technologies allow users and companies to instantly share content with each other, rate and comment on it. Consumers are tired of the overwhelming amount of advertisements trying to win their attention. The modern consumer has learned to accurately identify and ignore advertising information, which reduces the effectiveness of the traditional concept of promoting goods and services. The outdated concept is replaced by content marketing, the essence of which is to provide the consumer with useful information without directly mentioning the product.

Content marketing is a set of marketing techniques based on the creation and/or distribution of information useful to the consumer in order to gain trust and attract potential customers. It involves the preparation and sharing of high-quality, relevant, and valuable information, which is not advertising but indirectly convinces the audience to make the decision necessary for the distributor, to choose his service. The benefits of content marketing are that it effectively grabs the audience’s attention, helps build trust, and subtly promotes a product or service on the market.

Media in the narrow sense is a collection of audio, television, and visual communication means, and in a broad sense, any means of advertising distribution.

However, modern media, oversaturated with content, often do not fully meet the needs of consumers due to the lack of unique content.

Mass media are considered classical media. For example, the totality of all television channels is television media, all newspapers and magazines are print media. New directions have been actively developing in recent decades. So, the totality of all mobile phones is mobile media (one of the most numerous today). The totality of all social networks is social media, a particular case of which is the blogosphere.

quality content should be relevant, educational, easy to read, and visually attractive. It is designed to engage the reader in dialogue and should not contain explicit advertising.

Content is the main component of any information flow. Depending on the senses involved in the process of understanding the content, its various forms are obvious as follows:


  • Video Content affects vision and hearing, that is, frames replace each other, accompanying the change with sound effects.
  • Audio Content affects only the ear, while its sub-types are distinguished: musical, voice.
  • Images affect vision but are static content; highlight photo content and illustrative content.
  • Text Content, despite the fact that it affects vision, requires greater concentration of attention for understanding.


In practice, there are mixed forms of content, when text is displayed in the video, and the voiceover is reading it. Such mixed forms are not considered in the framework of this work.

Based on the formation of the information flow, the roles of the content consumer are distinguished: passive and active.

Passive role. When fulfilling the passive role of a consumer of content, a person does not make additional efforts to form it, which he consumes. Media does not require a response from the consumer. Thus, traditional television offers a person a pre-formed information flow, which he himself cannot influence.

A conditionally passive role can be distinguished when the consumer makes minimal efforts to select new content. For example, watching television channels presupposes a choice between various information streams of competing television channels, that is, the maximum effort that a consumer makes – switching from one information stream to another.

When performing an active role, the consumer is required to form an information flow that he plans to consume.

Active and passive roles can be found in all types of media, from the most popular television to the Internet.

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