SEO Strategy Guide in 2020

SEO Strategy Guide in 2020

SEO Strategy Guide in 2020

N.B* Post updated in 2021

What’s the secret to winning at SEO in 2021? SEO Strategy Guide in 2020!

If you want to outrank your competition, there are three things you will need:

  • The best content you can produce.
  • The best content distribution plan you can design.
  • And the best site optimization you can muster.

You know you want to excel in them all. And luck is already by your side!

You have found this SEO Strategy Guide for 2021 with actionable tips for all here.

If you want to outrank your competition, there are 3 things you will need: the best content, the best content distribution plan, and the best website optimization.

1. Search-Intent Oriented Content

The web has a content problem. There’s just too much of it.

Search Google for literally anything, and the total number of results will be in the hundreds of millions – and it’s an everyday thing.

What’s more, nobody expects all of those results to be good.

However, users expect to see something good on page 1 of Google SERP.

Can you imagine digging through those millions of results to find only a dozen that deserve to be displayed there?

That’s what Google does every day, over 79,000 times per second.

SEO Strategy Guide in 2020:

Now, users might not occupy themselves with how Google is getting it done. But you, as a website owner, are different: you need to know the ins and outs of online search because you have content to promote.

How does Google decide which pages deserve to be at the top?

There are over 200 major ranking factors, but it all boils down to one thing: who’s the best at being helpful to users. Or, in Search Engine Optimization terms, at satisfying user search intent.

So how do you pull that off?

How does online advertising work for health clinics

How Does Online Advertising Work for Health Clinics?

How Does Online Advertising Work for Health Clinics?

Healthcare sales and marketing became essential in 2021! As a health clinic, you are probably not doing badly business-wise, that’s why you need to know how does online advertising work for health clinics? Things could be much better as you could be getting more clients coming to you More clients translate to more revenue and also an opportunity for you as a clinic to grow. If you would like this to become a reality, then you should embrace online advertising. You can be able to reach more people online compared to traditional marketing.

How does online advertising work for health clinics

How does online advertising work for health clinics

What is online advertising?

This is a mode of marketing and advertising that takes advantage of the Internet to promote a brand or service. Social media, search engines, emails, and websites are some of the aspects of the internet that are utilized in the digital marketing process.


How does online advertising work for health clinics? (healthcare internet marketing)

Targeted marketing is the most vital tool when it comes to online advertising for health clinics. Since health clinics provide a particular service — healthcare – it’s much easy to identify prospective clients online, people who need healthcare. Among the target groups for your digital marketing campaign would be pregnant women, parents with kids, the elderly, persons with long-term diseases, and any other individuals looking for medical attention.


This form of marketing will help your business get in front of these people at a time when they need it the most as medical care is a need that cannot be postponed, the prospective clients will likely pick you as their health clinic.

If you don’t have a website, you should hurry to create a website that will help you reach your target audience faster, you can hire a specialist branding agency to create your business identity, logo, and design your website in a professional way, as website development became as essential as your business presence, it is the fastest way to achieve success and your digital marketing agency will be able to do that for you.


Tips for health clinics

Here are some tips for you as a health clinic to help you run a successful digital marketing campaign. They include:

  • Optimize your website aesthetically and through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You have to make sure that your site looks good and will be easy for the visitors you expect to navigate. Minimize your site’s loading time and improve its mobile performance while making sure it’s SEO compliant.
  • Engage via social media with your audience by liking and replying to their comments. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms, and they will have a significant influence on your SUCCESS (social media marketing strategy for hospitals). That’s why you should consider Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management as part of your online digital marketing strategy.
  • Encourage reviews from your previous patients. Prospective clients trust reviews from other customers more, and the more reviews you have, the better.
  • Today, videos are becoming increasingly popular than photos. You should utilize videos for your campaign to showcase in detail what you are offering.
  • Messenger is the new email and the new not yet competitive avenue to engage with your clients. Facebook advertising is a must, and you directly engage with prospective clients through messenger.

Why would you get into digital marketing? As a healthcare provider and business, here’s why you should get into digital marketing.

  • It’s more affordable as compared to traditional marketing avenues. The cost of online advertising is calculated per click (PPC Advertising).
  • It allows for direct engagement between you and your prospective clients. Your potential clients can immediately contact you through your advertisement.
  • Boosts your online presence as a health clinic by improving your search engine rankings.

Online advertising for health clinics

In the world today, almost everything is moving digital, including business and healthcare. This is your chance as a business to grow and prosper thanks to online advertising.

Healthcare online marketing companies can boost your online business to get more clients who are searching for you!

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The Importance of Online Healthcare Marketing in 2021

What is Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a web page to meet the qualifications of a search engine (mainly Google) giving it all the support to help in ranking the web page on top of the search engine results according to the queries used by the searcher.

How do Search Engines work?

The main aim is to give relevant answers for searchers, and sure, the search engine uses the given data on the web page and compares it with billions of topics -in fractions of a second- just to give the perfect answer to the searcher.

What Factors should I keep in consideration while working on SEO for a specific page?

First of all, the content should be a unique one, as competition keeps getting higher and higher day after day, since the 2013 update of the algorithms of Google, being among the top 10 results for a specific search word is not the target anymore, being relevant to the searcher’s question is the new key to be on the lead, as Google cares more for his user than your page.

That’s why your page’s content is what will determine where you will be ranked on Google’s search engine result page (SERP).

What we can do for you?

Time for Social is one of the top agencies in the field of search engine optimization as part of the whole process of content marketing.

We can:

  • Help you develop and promote your business by a series of main steps like:
  1. Finding the top trending keywords used by searchers who are interested in your product or service by our keyword research service.
  2. Making sure that your content is unique (not used by any means) over the web world by our content writing service.
  3. Connecting all your social media network with the page to cover as much audience as possible by our social media marketing service.
  4. Taking your social media channels to the next level of performance to help you promote your offers to the fullest by our social media management service.
  5. Creating brilliant designs and videos to serve the business needs with our graphic design and media production service.
  6. Grow your business with contextual advertising both on all the social media platforms and/or on Google AdWords (pay per click) Ads service.
  • Continuation of what we achieved throughout the online marketing process to get the most of results and focus on powerful implementation to beat our previous record and be on top of the market competition by a series of main steps like:

Link Building

  1. Link building is the main SEO off-page technique used to improve the organic ranking of your website.
  2. Don’t underestimate the choice of strategies! Trying to acquire links with the wrong methods can cause damage to the ranking and penalties on the part of Google, which does not appreciate attempts to handle its rankings and applies a lot of attention to avoid being deceived.
  3. In Time for Social, you will find a specialized team that deals with link-building services and that will take care of every aspect of the whole SEO process to increase incoming backlinks to your site.


It is very important to entrust this activity to competent professionals such as the Time for Social team. By choosing us you can count on our long experience in the sector, which allows us to have a complete view of any website.

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