In the era of electronic progress and the development of technology, e-commerce has become a large part of the commerce market, and it is even possible to replace traditional commerce with electronic commerce due to what we will mention.

What are e-commerce sites?

They are sites that engage in commercial activities such as buying and selling through the Internet, and these sites provide physical products or services via the Internet, and the buying and selling process is completed by transferring money and data through the same site.
E-commerce is not limited to the process of buying and selling only, but also any type of transaction that can be provided over the Internet such as customer service and commercial advertisements.
There are different types of e-commerce, some of which are done through companies with companies (B2B), companies with individuals (B2C) or individuals with companies (C2B).

The importance of e-commerce sites

● Save time and effort for consumers and deliver products easily and quickly.
● E-commerce may achieve a higher percentage of profits than traditional commerce.
● Easy access to target groups and accurate advertising campaigns.
● The owner of the website enters the global market easily and without the need for high cost.
● The ability of the user and competitors to easily compare products and services between sites and obtain the necessary information for each product or service.
● E-commerce provides suppliers with proximity to customers, which facilitates the process of communication to increase production and competitiveness of companies.
● The cost of products is lower than in the traditional market because the cost of creating the online store is lower than the traditional store.
● It provides the seller with the ease of expanding the work through the modernization and development of the online store in the simplest way.

Industries that operate through electronic commerce

Any industry you do business via e-commerce can market for itself such as:
● Electronic devices such as phones, cameras, electrical home appliances and others.
● Handicrafts that are promoted through websites.
● Distance education is included in e-commerce because there are sites that provide educational materials for a fee.
● All that the home needs from various foodstuffs to medicines and beauty products enter the e-commerce space for the use of pharmacies and companies websites to promote them.
● The fields of health and fitness have a space in e-commerce for the availability of medical and nutritional advice through specialized doctors via the Internet.
And other industries, so everything that a person needs can be provided with the click of a button.

Most popular websites

There are many websites around the world, including the global one on a large scale from the countries of the world, and the local one that provides customer services from the same country. Among the most famous international websites are:

● Amazon
● Alibaba website
● ebay
● jumia website