What is Branding

Branding is a set of marketing tools and a process of brand management, which consists of developing a brand of products, positioning and promoting them to the market, ensuring reputation, as well as regular monitoring for the compliance of a certain brand with market requirements.

In Other Words

Branding is targeted marketing efforts to create long-term consumer preference for a product. Branding is implemented in the process of developing and implementing marketing communications: a trademark, packaging, advertising messages, and other marketing efforts that help to highlight the product and create a different image of the product in the minds and psychology of consumers from other competitors.

Time for Social as a top branding services agency in Egypt, can help you start a new project to make a brand, form a long-term preference for the subject of marketing, whether you will continue promoting your business online or not, we will always be by your side to make your brand name unique and deliver the message that suits your target audience.

Branding Objectives

The main task of branding is to convey to the target audience (to the buyer, partners, authorities) the proposal essence, issued under the name of a trademark, and form a positive attitude towards the brand.

Create a clear and understandable image of the subject of marketing.

To make the marketing subject easily recognizable by consumers.

Make the subject of marketing popular, that is, known among the target audience.

Stimulate preference for the brand, with the alternative, choose a selected marketing subject naturally.

Forming the value of a branded marketing item in the mind of the consumer.

To preserve the specific image of the product with any modifications and market changes.

Branding Stages

Analysis of the market situation, preferences of the target audience.

Review of the current state of the brand (if it has already existed).

Brand planning (formulating the essence of the brand, positioning, developing a brand management strategy).

Brand design (creating a system of visual and verbal identification.

Developing a brand image, creating a set of brand documents).

Brand promotion (using integrated marketing communications to produce strong relationships between consumers and the brand).

Brand monitoring and performance evaluation.

Branding correction (project, plan, and promotion correction), based on the difference between planned and reality.

Brand Design

The network of works on "brand design" includes

Naming, ''Brand Name Development''

Identifying the differences that allow the brand to differentiate and meet the needs of customers

Brand Descriptions

Creation of Brand Design

Positioning (Identifying value in the eyes of the consumer)

Formulation of the principles of Brand Promotion and Popularization

With Time for Social, you will get your branding promotion to guarantee that your product name is delivered right for the targeted consumer, but the success of branding is ensured by:

The quality of the product.

The power of advertising influences and other marketing activities.

The accuracy and clarity of the image for the target audience of the brand.

The reputation of the manufacturing company.