If you are a project owner and own a business of your own, then surely you have previously advertised your project or services through the Facebook platform, but has your advertising account been suspended before?
Have you ever wondered why your ad account may be suspended and what are Facebook’s advertising policies?
You can cause your online ad to be accidentally suspended if you violate one of Facebook’s explicit policies.

Reasons for closing an advertising account on Facebook
Facebook has clear policies regarding ad campaigns and if you violate them or your ad does not comply with these policies, the ad campaign will stop, but the possibility of recovering your ad account remains. Among the reasons for closing the ad account on Facebook:

● Circumvention of systems that review ads
By using means to hide the ad content or missing pages, such as using letters or symbols in the ad text in order for the ad content to appear ambiguous.

● Use of emotional content
Such as shocking, inflammatory, or excessively violent content such as:
An advertisement depicting amputation or extirpation of pimples.
An advertisement depicting shocking details of a medical procedure or horrific accident.
An advertisement that promotes violence or contempt or contains inferior expressions.


● Use of controversial content
Which includes the exploitation of political or social issues and crises for commercial purposes.

● Unrestricted access to your ad account
If Facebook notices that a person who was previously blocked is linked to your page or ad account, it will block the ad account, so it is necessary to verify access to your ad account. The reputation of your account is linked to the people who can reach you.

● Negative comments from users
If there are frequent negative user comments, it may result in your ad account being closed even if your ads are not in violation of Facebook’s policies.

● Leave disapproved ads on your account
When an ad is disapproved, it is necessary to delete it directly from your account because leaving disapproved ads may cause Facebook to scrutinize your ads further.

● Advertisement promoting unsafe materials
Such as advertising the sale or use of unsafe drugs or substances and products at the discretion of Facebook.

● Use of personal health content
Do not display content that Steroids Cycle Before and After Results: Best Legal Steroids Stacks for Bulking and Cutting – California News Times buy real hgh israel in talks with pharma companies about covid booster jab, pm says contains images of unexpected or unlikely outcomes, and do not display or attempt to create negative perceptions of yourself in advertising in order to promote diet or weight loss.

How to maintain your advertising account on Facebook?
By avoiding the reasons mentioned before, you can hire a person who specializes in advertising campaigns to ensure that your ad account is protected and not lost and that it achieves its purpose.